Medical terminology in translations

Medical terminology in translations Medical terminology in translations
Medical terminology in translations

Medical texts contain specialised medical terminology, professional slang, Latin terms, abbreviations and also popular terms created by the general public. Many terms have several meanings and therefore possible translations. The translator, a medical terminology specialist, has to therefore carefully consider the target audience and select the right translation for individual terms. For example, the translation of medical documentation for foreign doctors will require a different approach to that of a medical article intended for publication in a specialised international journal.


In order to ensure the final translation is of the best quality, we consult with you on any uncertainties concerning terminology during and after the process of translation. The meaning of unclear terms is never guessed, we must be absolutely sure about every single one. Additional specialised editing and checks are used to verify the accuracy of the terminology used.


  • medical term: myocardial infarction (infarkt myokardu)
  • general term: heart attack (srdeční mrtvice)
  • English abbreviation: MI
  • Latin term: infarctuscordis

Correctly chosen medical terminology and its consistency of use is a priority. When translating a longer text, we create a terminology glossary and style guide to ensure consistency within the given text, but also uniformity across future translations.

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