A. Šromová

Our hospital needed to translate and review informed consents for hospitalization into English, German and Ukrainian. Cooperation with NK Langa s.r.o. exceeded our expectations on many levels. Not only was the job completed on time, but the quality of the translations was flawless. We must also highlight the exceptional attention the team paid to details and terminology specific to the medical field, which is absolutely key in our field.
We greatly appreciate the professionalism with which NK Langa s.r.o. he approaches his work. We can recommend the company to everyone who is looking for a reliable translation partner, not only in the field of healthcare. We will turn to them with full confidence in the future.
Hospital of the Merciful Brothers, p.o., Brno

M. Kajzarová

Good morning, I would like to thank you very much for sending the translation of the safety data sheets and at the same time thank you for your professional services. We will certainly continue to use your services.

R. Srouji

Thank you for the excellent work. Always a pleasure working with you.

S. Barlea

Professional employees offering good advices + my translation was done in an accurate way, in a very short time, and even earlier than planned.

J. Budaj

Hi, some time ago, you translated a confidentiality agreement for me and I was really pleased with your services. Thank you again.

A. Jiráková

Thank you very much for the proofreading. We value your professional approach and fast translation process. It is a pleasure to deal with you. We certainly will use your services again.

M. Durdisová

I would like to thank you for your perfect cooperation in the translation of our technical documents.

Mrs Kyciová

Thank you for your services and for your time. Everything went quickly and your communication is excellent. I'm highly satisfied.

S. Hoffmanová

Thank you for fine cooperation. If I ever need a translation, I will contact you again. I am very satisfied with the speed of your work, good communication and acceptable price for your services. Thank you very much again, I wish you success and many satisfied clients.

O. Vondráková

Such speed and quality, even with keeping the layout in order, beautiful! Thanks a lot! I am preparing another manual for the translation!

M. Randl

I went through the translations and they look good. You even keep an advanced syntax. Great work.

R. Matoušek

The interpreter came in time and according to my German colleague, her work was excellent. I am glad that our cooperation is working out perfectly. Thank you for your flexibility.

J. Stančík

Thank you for the Czech translation of a manual. You took my breath away with your graphical work. And you kept the deadline. I thank you for that and I will put your translation agency into our list of suppliers for another translation.

V. Bukvaldová

Thank you for your quick work. I am very satisfied with the translation, the price and the speed.

J. Blažek

Perfect, good translation, this is exactly how I imagined it. Thank you.

B. Velebová

Thank you for quick and perfect work.

Mr Trachta

Thank you for an excellent and quick translation, everything was delivered alright. I will gladly work with you again.

P. Bezrouková

Thank you for your services, swift communication and for fast processing. I wish you success.

R. Habrovanský

Thank you for your work. This won't be our last cooperation.

L. Hořáková

Thank you for the translation, it is excellent!

D. Beihofner

Super. Thank you very much. I am very satisfied :)

J. Mudra

Thank you for a quick translation. We surely use your service again in the future.

M. Machů

Thank you for the translation, I confirm its delivery. Everything is in order.

D. Hula

Thank you for your perfect services.

F. Szczepanik

The translation completely fulfils our expectations, thank you.

L. Bílá

I am completely satisfied, the translations are very nice, we have adjusted just few words which are rather a question of subjective perception. As a whole, translations are very good. I also appreciate the comments you have placed.

P. Procházková

Hello, I want to thank you for the translation. Our client was very satisfied with your translation.