Case studies

Case studies Case studies
Case studies

We helped a Czech online store expand into Romania

Learn about how an online retailer successfully expanded into Romania with our help. Today, the company has a successful business in Romania with lots of local customers.


Czech companies can succeed on the demanding German market

Learn about how a Czech seller of prefabricated windows managed to establish a presence among the world of German internet retailers. German customers are demanding and not only expect high quality products, but also references, recommendations and many other supporting arguments. All in German, of course! In this case, the old adage proved true… he who dares, wins!


Localization of marketing texts from German into Czech requires professionals

Read about how we localize marketing articles for the German multinational BAUHAUS for their Czech blog. The translations undergo creative marketing proofreading by a copywriter, who adjusts the texts so that they appeal to the Czech target audience. The articles are therefore attractive, authentic and comprehensible.


Our translation of a specialist medical publication is being used worldwide

Read about how we translated a medical book for the Institute for Mother and Child Care in Prague. The consistent use of professional medical terminology throughout the text was a prerequisite for doctors abroad to understand the translation. Translation by a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics was therefore a necessity.


Localized online store now successfully sells air conditioners and air purifiers in Hungary

Learn about how we helped an online store of air treatment equipment successfully expand into Hungary. The local e-commerce market is still underdeveloped and represents a great opportunity for expansion abroad. Today, the company successfully sells in Hungary and our native Hungarian speakers take care of its customer support.


Medical, technical or chemical patents require more than just translation

Patent texts place high demands on the translation process and the linguistic team involved. The specific terminology and style of patent documents, the high level of expertise, or the requirements for text formatting after translation are just a few examples of why patent translations require special attention. Learn how we handled the translation of a 512-page chemical patent.


Going international with an experiential gifts seller

Read how we helped the experiential gift seller Adrop with marketing SEO translation into English and German. We inserted keywords into the texts and added creative marketing proofreading to the translation by a copywriter who restyled the text. Texts on the website thus appear attractive, authentic and readable to audiences abroad.