Translations into Central and Eastern European languages

Translations into Central and Eastern European languages
Translations into Central and Eastern European languages



Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is the general term used for a group of countries located in Central, Southeast, Northern and Eastern Europe. The term came to be used after the fall of the Iron Curtain (1989-1990) and usually refers to the former communist states in Europe.

The composition of CEE languages is very rich: it consists of Slavic languages (e.g. Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Serbian, Croatian), Baltic languages (Lithuanian, Latvian), Finno-Ugric languages (Hungarian, Estonian) and Romanian. Most of them are languages that are very difficult to learn, which can pose a challenge to foreigners. That makes native speakers of CEE languages the ideal choice for the translation of your texts. By engaging them, your translations will sound authentic and natural.


  • Professional translations by a linguist specialised in a given field and terminology
  • Correct grammar and stylistics ensured by a native speaker of the relevant CEE language
  • Use of CAT tools for assessing similarities and repetitions
  • Layout and formatting of translated documents remains the same as in the original
  • Consistent terminology and style
  • Implementation of customer terminology and phrases
  • Adaptation of style according to the target audience
  • Translation quality control by our in-house team of editors using the ApSIC QA tool
  • Deadlines even with express translations within 24 hours
  • Payment request only after the final translation has been submitted and checked by the customer


Technical translations Legal translations Medical translations Patent translations Marketing translations Translations of websites & software Certified translations Proofreadig by a native speaker Professional interpreting

Professional translations into CEE languages

Do you need a technical manual, medical study, contract or website translated into one of the CEE languages? Our native speakers are proven and experienced translators. Their quality of work is continuously monitored and improved. The results of their efforts are reflected in the range and number of international companies that appreciate the quality of our work. These include Bosch, HP, Xerox, Medtronic, INNOVA Pharma, Nutricia, Nordsee, BAUHAUS, SIEMENS, HSBC, BNP Paribas, etc.

We translate texts using CAT tools (Trados, Memsource, memoQ, etc.) which ensure the long-term consistent use of a customer’s key terminology and style.

Certified translations into CEE languages

A certified translation is often required by insurance companies, bureaus, universities, embassies and other institutions for official matters. The finished document is tied together with tricolour string and consists of the original document, its translation and the translator’s clause. Certified translations into any one of the CEE languages are carried out by experienced, properly certified and accredited translators. We can send you the finished translation by courier or post to any address.

For translations of websites and other marketing/promotional texts, we usually offer proofreading by a native speaker of the relevant CEE language. This involves the correction of grammar and style in order to make the translated text culturally appropriate for the relevant market. In this way, we aim to deliver a text that feels authentic and attractive to read.

For technical, medical, legal texts or patents, we offer professional proofreading by a specialist. You can be sure that your medical studies, annual reports or chemical patents will contain correct and comprehensible terminology.

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Proofreading by a native speaker of a CEE language

Do you need linguistic, pre-print or specialised proofreading of your translation by a native speaker of one of the CEE languages? Our proofreaders are linguists who specialise in proofreading on a professional level. They will make sure that your text is grammatically, stylistically and typographically flawless and check whether the specialised terminology is correctly used. This process guarantees that your translation reads like an authentic text originally written in the target language and that you can publish it without any doubts.

The process of proofreading includes the following steps:

  • Grammar and stylistic check
  • Spell check
  • Completeness of translation check
  • Numbers check
  • Formatting check
  • Compliance check (with regards to the local culture)

Professional interpreting

We have a team of professional interpreters experienced in interpreting at both formal and informal events. We offer consecutive, simultaneous, sworn or telephone interpreting in any European country. The native speakers of CEE languages will not only help you with the interpreting, but also with navigating through the cultural environment of the country in question. With their help, you will avoid potentially embarrassing cultural faux pas irrespective of where the interpreting takes place – at a conference, in a restaurant or in the casual informal setting of a mountain hotel.

We have experience with interpreting at business meetings, conference interpreting with interpreting equipment (e.g. for Karlovarské minerální vody a.s.), interpreting in a production plant (e.g. for Peugeot Japy Industries in Montbéliard, France) or interpreting during the launch of SAP systems (for companies such as STIHL or BOSCH).

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