IP translations of patents, utility models and applications

IP translations of patents, utility models and applications IP translations of patents, utility models and applications
IP translations of patents, utility models and applications


We translate all patent texts – applications, descriptions, accompanying drawings and/or patent claims. From our experience, we know that the patent office thoroughly goes through each application in order to dismiss those applications that cannot be patented or those that contain mistakes or irregularities. Our translations of patents are done by both specialists in patent terminology and professionals in the field relevant to the patent.

We have translated documents that are in the freedom to operate phase, in the patent research phase, relevant documents for patent applications, as well as those guaranteeing patent protection abroad.


Our team of translators consists of experienced professionals that are specialised in patent terminology and who therefore know that „method“ should be translated as „způsob“ not „metoda“, that „embodiment“ is „provedení“ and „composition“ is „složení“ (not „kompozice“).

When translating a patent document, we pay close attention to the accurate translation of specialised terms and the coherent and understandable explanation of the described functions, processes or compositions. We always take into consideration specific terminology, with our team of in-house editors conducting a final check of the translation to guarantee this.

Our translators of patent texts are proven and experienced specialists. Many patent service companies and law firms in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other foreign countries have been working with us for many years and are very satisfied with the quality of our work. We will gladly send you their references and recommendations upon request.

As previously stated, after the translation is finished, our in-house editors conduct a final check which focuses on the uniformity of the reference numbers and the format of the text according to the specific requirements (font size, spacing, margins, formatting of paragraphs and other criteria) of the given patent services company.

Patent translations


  • analytical, physical or organic chemistry
  • pharmacy
  • biochemistry, biotechnology, biology
  • production technology
  • material(s) treatment
  • recycling
  • hydraulics
  • hydro abrasive cutting
  • food technologies
  • aeronautical technologies
  • engineering technologies
  • hydraulics nanotechnologies


Patent applications Japanese patents and applications Documents for the patent process Registrations and applications according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Utility models
European patent applications and patents Documents for the Industrial Property Office Patents from USA and patent applications sent to USA

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