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Other language services


Editing by a native speaker

Having a translated text edited increases its grammatical and stylistic quality. The editing is always done by a native speaker of the target language. After editing, your text will not sound like a translation, but like an authentic text written directly in the target language. To achieve this the editor adapts the text to the cultural customs and environment of the target language, making it attractive, natural and credible to read.

NK Langa editing and proofreading

  • editing and proofreading by a native speaker
  • pre-print proofreading
  • specialist editing
  • change editing
  • independent (comparative) editing


Interpreting is the oral translation of a source language into a target language. It is a difficult task because the interpreter must choose the correct words and phrases, skilfully, quickly and in real time, and without any room for correction or specification. An interpreter usually does not just translate between languages, but also between cultures. They can help you to find your bearings in a foreign environment and avoid mistakes during meetings with business partners that come from a completely different culture.

NK Langa interpreting

  • consecutive interpreting
  • simultaneous interpreting
  • sworn interpreting by court-appointed interpreters
  • high-level consecutive interpreting
  • telephone interpreting

Other NK Langa language services

Graphics, audio-visuals and multimedia data form an integral part of company communications. We can adapt the content of your documents and multimedia files according to the linguistic and cultural specifics of a given country. Everything is handled professionally and is delivered ready to use. By placing your trust in us, you will save time and money on graphic design or multimedia studios.

Other NK Langa language services

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