Translations of medical technologies

Translations of medical technologies Translations of medical technologies
Translations of medical technologies

Guaranteed quality of medical translations

The translation of manuals, technical reports and other documents relevant to medical technologies requires specific specialisations and experienced translators. That is why our team of medical translators consists of trained doctors, pharmacists and specialists from the technical and natural sciences fields.

When translating a medical text, we pay close attention to the equivalence of meaning, the usage of specialised terminology and the logical description of a given process. We always take specific terminology and phrases into consideration, including the implementation of preferred terms. In addition, every translation undergoes a final check by our internal team of editors. We do this because we want to make absolutely sure that the translation is correct.


Where the translation of medical texts is concerned, we usually have long-term relationships with our customers. This means that we can use CAT tools to find repetitions and similarities between texts. Some of the CAT tools we use are Trados, Memsource, SDLX, memoQ, Across, Transit, etc.

The use of CAT tools increases the quality of the translations, reduces the turnaround times, and is cheaper. The terminology glossaries (TermBase) and translation memories ensure the style and terminology are consistent across all translations, even if there is a long time period between individual translations.

CAT tools can also be used for translating medical marketing texts. Our established and proven method of processing DTP texts means that the graphic layout of the original document remains the same in the translation. This saves you money and time otherwise spent on the services of an external graphic designer or studio.


User manuals and operating manuals for medical equipment Patents, utility models and patent applications Technical drawings and medical technology reports Service guides for the maintenance of medical equipment Manuals for the sterilisation of medical equipment Instructions for the liquidation of medical accessories Declarations of conformity

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