Multimedia translations, voice-over and dubbing

Multimedia translations, voice-over and dubbing
Multimedia translations, voice-over and dubbing

We localize:

  • audio recordings and jingles
  • podcasts
  • radio and TV spots
  • sports videos
  • subtitles and voice-overs
  • interactive apps
  • 2D and 3D computer animations
  • e-learning videos

Professional dubbing artists from NK Langa

We cooperate with dozens of professional actors and dubbing artists who are specialised in working in all major world languages and common European ones. You can rest assured that their voices are charismatic and that they can talk properly, clearly, smoothly and intelligibly.

In our database, you can find voice samples that will cover all conventional multimedia carrier needs – from an instruction video guiding you through a museum to an online social media advertisement.

Post-production work on any recordings, including professional mastering, is carried out in our very own recording studio. A sound technician unites volume and tone in such a way that the recording works as a whole. This results in a complex and multi-layered recording that reflects the nature and use of the recording, with good and appropriate fade-ins and fade-outs, and defined pauses between individual parts.

Localization process for multimedia content

  • Transcription of audio/video format or other source material.
  • Creation of term base, glossary and style guide.
  • Implementation of customer’s terminological requirements.
  • Translation of the text, thereby taking into consideration technical terminology and the linguistic and cultural specifics of the target language. 
  • Specialised editing of the translation by a different translator – a specialist in the given terminology and field (optional).
  • Language proofreading of the translation by a native speaker focused on grammar and style.
  • Dubbing and synchronisation of audio and video (customers can pick the most suitable voice from a database of voice samples).
  • Audio mastering (tone and volume consistency, deletion of fricatives and other negative parts of the recording).
  • Insertion of localized subtitles.
  • Completion and check of all the individual parts that make up the final version of the multimedia content.
  • Creation of the multimedia output to the required quality and in the required format.

Transcribing the spoken word into text

Need to transcribe a sound recording? We can provide you with transcriptions into Czech, Slovak and other global, Central European or Eastern European languages. Then, using the newly transcribed text as our source, we can prepare for you professional voice-overs or subtitles.

Marketing translations

Our experience with transcribing audio and video recordings

The Indian company Eccellente Services came to us with a transcription assignment. They asked us to transcribe the spoken word on an educational video about South Korea. We prepared the transcription using the client’s chosen software, for which we received instructions and a manual. We always respect our client’s wishes, and we can adapt to accommodate their specific software requirements.

We divided the transcribed text into segments, according to the given duration. In the second phase of transcription we marked all sounds that were heard on the recording (besides the spoken words). These are important, for example, in creating sub-titles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing.

The resulting text in Czech was then used during further processing as the basis for a voice-over in other global languages.

Content editing of a machine transcription – an illustration

As part of our collaboration with the international company Straker Media, we edited the machine transcriptions of Czech-language regional news broadcasts. The job involved large quantities of recordings, each about 20 minutes long. The machine transcription was prepared in text files. About 90% of the transcribed text required our editing.

Our editing process was driven by the specific requirements of the client and their guidelines. Six of our internal linguists collaborated on the project, and thanks to their Czech language expertise, they were able to adapt the text according to all instructions provided (e.g. keeping to the maximum length of individual segments and the specific transcription of numbers, dates, names, personal names, and foreign words, etc.). Aspects of the editing process included identifying individual speakers or highlighting special sounds or filler words. The client was extremely satisfied with the results of our editing. It turns out that combining machine transcription with content editing by professional linguists offers a functional solution for processing large quantities of spoken-word recordings.

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