WordPress website localization

WordPress website localization WordPress website localization
WordPress website localization

As is the case for the translation and localization of other websites and e-shops, the process for those created with WordPress is equally complex.

By using a WPML plugin (Word Press Multilingual Plugin) in combination with a Memsource WordPress Connector, much time, money and energy are spared during the preparation of texts for translation and their subsequent import back into the WordPress editing system after translation.

In this way, you save time and money otherwise spent on the work of programmers who need to extract the text from the website and then put it back into the editing system. We have proved that this procedure is effective, even when localizing into one language, and that is why we recommend it.

The process of localizing a WordPress-based website involves the following steps

  1. Analysis of needs and conceptual design suggestions.
  2. Installation of WordPress Multilingual Plugin and Memsource Connector into the website's editing system, setting up the connection, and exporting the text for translation.
  3. Preparation and analysis of the texts, analysis of repetitions in Memsource CAT tool.
  4. Identification and research of reference websites and other sources.
  5. Analysis of keywords and their localization into the target languages.
  6. Verification of the functionality of the keywords via Google Adwords. Final approval of keywords and compilation of glossary of terms.
  7. Compilation of a Style Guide, including the desired brand message to be incorporated in the translated text(s) for the target group(s).
  8. Translation by a linguist specialised in the given field. In addition to text, we also translate metadata, alternative descriptions, keywords, labels and other additional information.
  9. Linguistic editing of the target text by a native speaker. After the editing, the text will be comprehensible and sound authentic and trustworthy.
  10. Check of translated and edited texts by in-house editors, finalisation and completion.
  11. Import of the final text into the WordPress editing system template.
  12. Placement of the text(s) on the website (usually done by the customer, but in case of need, our linguistic team is ready to help).
  13. Visual check of the text(s) directly on the website interface. We check the display and wrapping of the text (call-to-action buttons, menu buttons, etc.). Reporting of any changes that need to be implemented.
  14. Implementation of the changes (usually done by the customer, but in case of need, our linguistic team is ready to help).

Throughout all these phases, our team works with the Style Guide, keywords and other glossaries in such a way that the final text speaks to the target groups in the most effective way and fulfils the set business and communication goals of the website's owner.

You can follow the general progress of the website localization process on the „Website localization process“ page.


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