Translations of contracts by legal specialists

Translations of contracts by legal specialists Translations of contracts by legal specialists
Translations of contracts by legal specialists


The translations of contracts and other legal documents are done by experts in a particular language combination and who are simultaneously specialists in the legal and specialised terminology contained in the document. Our translators are educated in the legal field and specialise in legal translations. Upon completion, each translation also undergoes a thorough check by our editors. You can rest assured that each word, as well as the punctuation, will be closely checked before the final text is submitted to you.


Do you need to translate a draft contract for your foreign business partner, or one that you received from them? If you do, we can help. Even the slightest change in the meaning of a legal document can have serious consequences and a negative impact on your position in case of a dispute. That is why a contract needs to be professionally translated by a specialist in legal terminology and style. We pay close attention to the semantic and factual accuracy of the translated text(s) and the specialised terminology from the fields of business of the contractual parties. We can also include your company's own terminology and phrases into the translation as required.


We consider all your information and materials confidential. All our employees, translators, editors, proofreaders, interpreters and other members of our team are bound by a duty of confidentiality in their contracts. As proof of our professionalism, we are prepared to guarantee your confidentiality with the inclusion of a penalty clause in our contract. We respect that your contracts and other materials contain sensitive data that need to be protected from publication.

Legal translations


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